JoLu Electric Scooters by Wagster

The JoLu electric scooter is the ultimate way to get around. Stylishly retro and with zero emissions, this funky electric scooter will have you zipping easily from A to B, all whilst being practical, comfortable and virtually soundless.

What’s more, the JoLu electric scooter is just as friendly to your pocket as it is to the environment. Exempt from road tax, parking charges and the London congestion charge, it’s also ultra cheap to insure and requires absolutely no petrol. Instead, you just charge it anywhere you can boil a kettle.

only £84999

Made By Wagster

The JoLu electric scooter is supplied by Wagster. Based in the UK, our aim was to create an electric scooter which was green, fun and FULLY street legal, all for the cost of a good mountain bike. The result is the JoLu.

Made for City Streets

The JoLu is a revolution in electric scooters, combining cutting edge technology and clever design into one functional package. Every electric scooter in our range is completely street legal with a maximum legal speed of 28 mph. It has a range of up to 30 miles on a single charge, so you can make the journeys you need with confidence. And, when your JoLu electric scooter needs a top up, just plug it in to the nearest electricity socket. It’s that simple.

Made to be Green

Whatever colour JoLu you choose, it will always be green at its core. That’s because this electric scooter is completely powered by electricity and operates with zero emissions, making it one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. And with these eco credentials comes a long list of other advantages. For example, with a JoLu electric scooter there’s free road tax, no parking or congestion charges and it barely makes a sound.

Made to Stand Out

From Seraphinium Silver to Nymphea Pink, the JoLu electric scooter is available in a variety of colours and is brimming with character. In short, this is one electric scooter which was made to be seen. Sleek, smart and lightweight, the JoLu is more than an electric scooter; it’s a style statement with a conscience.

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